São Paulo sells Éder Militão to Porto with percentage of future business

17 April de 2018

São Paulo got the sale of Éder Militão to Porto. In a meeting on Tuesday, President Carlos Augusto de Barros e Silva, Leco, and the Board of Directors approved the transfer.

Militão has a contract until January 2019, which has weakened the bargaining power (the less the current bonding time, the less strength to insure the athlete). The Tricolor will keep:

4 million euros (about R $ 17.7 million);
10% of the total of a future sale (example: if Militão is sold for 40 million euros, São Paulo will be entitled to 4 million euros);
will use the player in four more games: Grêmio, Cruzeiro, Colón (second phase of South American) and Vasco, on August 5, when he will make his farewell to Morumbi. Therefore, he is confirmed as a starter in this Thursday’s match in Porto Alegre.
In total, Porto will pay 7 million euros (R $ 30.6 million) for Éder Militão, of which 3 million euros (R $ 13.1 million) will be allocated to the athlete’s staff (commissions for entrepreneurs) and to the own player. There was a previous agreement between Porto and Militão, able to sign a pre-contract since last July 11.

Although he was committed and showed professionalism in São Paulo, Militão kept the speech firm with desire to leave in this window.

Not even the team’s campaign in the dispute of the leadership of the Brasileirão changed their will (the Tricolor has one point less than the first place Flamengo).

In recent days, São Paulo has hardened the negotiation and declined an offer of 4 million euros that did not include the percentage of future sale. Initially, Porto wanted to spend 10% on top of next trading profit, but the deal was sealed on top of 10% of the total.

The Tricolor also wanted to keep Militão until the end of the transfer window, which closes on August 31, but Porto did not accept.

The agreement was for the maintenance of the side in Morumbi for four more games, which takes away the Portuguese Super Cup match on August 4, against Desportivo Aves.

The São Paulo tried to bargain time and better business conditions to fit the exit of Militão with the liberation of Bruno Peres to play. The ex-Roma right-back is physically conditioned and should be available shortly before leaving Militão to Porto.


Éder Militão (E) e Paulo Boia , jogadores do São Paulo FC, durante treino no CCT da Barra Funda na Zona Oeste da capital paulista.